Pentagon overturns rule that forced relocation of military judges to Guantanamo
 Egypt court sentences 4 Muslim Brotherhood members to death
 ICC prosecutor requests extension to confirm charges against LRA commander
 Egypt court declares Hamas a terrorist group
 India court acquits 6 of crimes during Gujarat riots
 UN rights expert lauds Belgium anti-slavery framework
 Virginia governor signs bill permitting medical use of marijuana oil
 Serbia court considers overturning general's treason conviction for collaborating with Nazis
 UN: Syria violence continues after 5 years of conflict
 Parents of former Thailand princess arrested for defamation of royal family
 Nepal Supreme Court rejects amnesty for war crimes
 Judge dismisses criminal allegations against Argentine president
 Egypt detains 2 police officers over lawyer's death
 ICC affirms acquittal of Congolese war crimes suspect
 FCC adopts Open Internet rules
 Bin Laden aide found guilty of US embassy bombings
 European top court issues preliminary opinion on US soldier seeking asylum in Germany
 Wisconsin senate approves right-to-work bill
 9/11 case halted by order forcing judges to move to Guantanamo
 Federal appeals court affirms possible extradition of former Bosnian prison guard
 China top court announces five-year legal reform plan
 Bosnia judge detained on suspicion of taking bribe
 DC legalizes marijuana despite threats from Congress
 Bahrain court convicts 11 in deadly attack on police
 Syria rebel sentenced to 5 years for war crimes