Alaska Supreme Court rejects parental consent requirement for under-18 abortions
 Virginia Supreme Court strikes down governor's order restoring felon voting rights
 Federal judge rules in favor of Missouri lawmaker to exclude contraception in his health insurance
 Turkey closes thousands of private schools, charities and other institutions
 California governor signs firearm registration law
 DOJ brings suit against Pennsylvania township for denying zoning approval to mosque
 HRW: Civilians face detainment, disappearance, and torture in Ukraine
 Michigan to appeal decision allowing straight-ticket voting
 Washington Supreme Court finds antibegging law unconstitutional
 IMF Managing Director to face trial in Tapie case
 Federal court reinstates complaint against Freddie Mac
 Indonesia rejects international tribunal ruling on 1960s anti-communist purge
 Electronic Frontier Foundation sues to ease access to copyrighted material
 New Jersey court rules use of high beams insufficient for police detention
 Software developer files copyright lawsuit against US Navy
 Israel parliament passes controversial law broadening impeachment powers
 Cook County judge blocks Illinois redistricting ballot measure
 Pakistan to seek UNHRC action on Kashmir violence
 Hong Kong court finds three pro-democracy protest leaders guilty
 Federal court rules Texas voter ID law violates the Voting Rights Act
 Bangladesh court indicts 41 for murder in connection with 2013 garment factory collapse
 Philippine Supreme Court orders immediate release of former president
 Wisconsin court order relaxes voter ID law for November election
 Solicitor General seeks rehearing of Obama immigration policy before Supreme Court
 ECJ confirms legality of bail-in for troubled banks