Federal appeals court upholds controversial Wisconsin collective bargaining law
 Egypt court sentences 23 Islamists to prison
 Proposed Brazil anti-terrorism law sparks human rights concerns
 Chief Justice refuses to stay drug patent ruling
 Alaska high court says prisons must protect inmates from violence
 Obama signs law banning entry for UN ambassadors with terrorist affiliations
 Iowa Supreme Court: Mother needed court approval of vasectomy for mentally disabled son
 ICC summons witnesses in trial of Kenya VP Ruto
 Kosovo prime minister calls for vote on creating court for Balkans war crimes
 Ukraine asks ICC to investigate protester deaths
 Virginia high court holds emails exempt from state Freedom of Information Act
 China court sentences anti-corruption activists to jail
 Florida supreme court rules discrimination against pregnant women violates state law
 Netherlands high court bans pedophile group
 UN rights group calls for North Korea to be prosecuted before ICC
 Diplomats promise amnesty for Ukraine protesters
 Rights groups challenge Arkansas voter ID law
 Kyrgyzstan parliament approves amendments on spreading false information
 Judge upholds New York state gun law
 Couple files lawsuit urging Wisconsin Supreme Court to strike down state's same-sex marriage ban
 DOJ: Number of US deportation cases steadily declining
 Human rights groups urge Nepal to reject amnesty legislation
 Saudi Arabia detains prominent human rights lawyer
 Council of Europe: continent facing worst human rights crisis since Cold War
 UN: Argentina jail violating rights of prisoner with disabilities