HRW accuses Palestine of free speech violations
 Bangladesh Supreme Court denies Islamist leader's final appeal, upholds death sentence
 European Commission orders Apple to pay billions to Ireland
 Federal appeals court dismisses AT&T data throttling case
 UN rights expert condemns Iran execution of 12 drug offenders
 UN expert urges participants in Myanmar peace conference to make human rights a priority
 France ex-president: if re-elected, burkinis will be unconstitutional
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 Venezuela sends opposition leader back to jail
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 Federal appeals court refuses to reconsider Wisconsin voter ID law
 Illinois Supreme Court blocks redistricting proposal from ballot
 Argentina court convicts military officers of human rights violations during dictatorship
 UN rights expert urges Iran to halt execution of 12 drug offenders
 Federal judge blocks enforcement of North Carolina 'bathroom bill'
 Federal appeals court finds ban on 'issue ads' unconstitutional
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