Arab leaders agree to use unified military force amid crisis
 Kuwaiti authorities disband protests, arrest demonstrators
 Nuclear talks with Iran intensify close to preliminary deadline
 UN Annual Humanitarian Overview for the situation in Palestine released
 HRW concerned over civilian casualties following airstrikes in Yemen
 Nigeria holds presidential elections amid violence
 Canada top court: Quebec has 'no legal right' to federal government's long-gun registry
 Former El Salvador general to be deported from US for human rights abuses
 Egypt court decision designating Hamas as terrorist organization annulled
 UN: Asylum applications in industrialized countries greatly increased
 UN to appoint Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy
 Former Khmer Rouge member charged with crimes against humanity
 Argentina court dismisses Iran cover-up charges against president
 Turkish lawmakers approve controversial security law
 HRW: Boko Haram has killed more than 1,000 civilians in 2015
 California legislative panel approves 'aid in dying' bill
 Kansas, Arizona appeal voter citizenship ruling to Supreme Court
 UN: Libya armed groups attacking human rights defenders
 Georgia lawmakers approve medical marijuana bill
 Kansas legislature approves ban on second trimester abortion procedure
 Amnesty: Palestinian militants committed war crimes during Gaza conflict
 Red Cross urges all sides in Yemen conflict to obey rules of war
 EU rights committee criticizes Bulgaria treatment of prisoners
 South Sudan lawmakers vote to extend president's tenure
 Ohio House again approves fetal heartbeat abortion ban