DOJ: Title VII does not protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation
 European Court: Austria and Slovenia can deport refugees to Croatia
 House overwhelmingly passes bill for sanctions against Russia, Iran, North Korea
 Zimbabwe parliament amends constitution empowering president to select top judges
 Texas Senate advances 'bathroom bill'
 Federal appeals court blocks DC concealed carry law
 Egypt criminal court sentences 43 protesters to life
 Rights group calls on US to end surgeries on intersex children
 Philippines president promises escalating war on drugs despite international human rights concerns
 UN rights expert voices concern over worsening situation in Myanmar
 Federal judge: Trump voting commission data request is allowed
 Iran judiciary chief demands US release prisoners, assets
 Massachusetts Supreme Court rules immigrants cannot be detained without charges
 Venezuela president moves forward with plan for constitutional rewrite
 Poland president vetoes judicial reforms
 Venezuela's opposition party calls for two-day strike
 Poland's parliament passes law to give control of the Supreme Court to the government
 Congress reaches a deal on new Russian sanctions
 UN refugee agency lauds Pakistan's measures granting legal status to undocumented immigrants
 New Jersey Governor signs bill directing schools to recognize transgender rights
 UN Secretary General condemns violence in Jerusalem
 Federal court orders Kentucky to pay attorneys' fees in same-sex marriage litigation
 Abortion rights groups file lawsuit to block Texas ban on second-trimester procedure
 Amnesty accuses Cameroon of war crimes in fighting Boko Haram
 Thai Supreme Court convicts opposition leader for defaming PM